Sanimet S.p.A

Location: Via Quasimodo 19, Flero (BS)
Type of project: Static and seismic adjustment of two pre-compressed reinforced concrete sheds
Main characteristics: Static and seismic adjustment of two pre-compressed reinforced concrete sheds without interruption of production
Designer and Project Manager: Geom. TOMMASO BIANCHETTI e Ing. ITALO PASSARELLA

Zincol Italia S.p.A. - Industrial plant of San Felice sul Panaro (MO)

Site Address: Via del Commercio, 440, San Felice sul Panaro (MO).
Type of project: The project were divided into two phases:
Initial work on the buildings involved demolition of dangerous sections and structural renovation of the coating building, where production activity was able to resume in July 2012, while administrative and technical services were relocated to temporary offices set up in the yard.
Initial work on plants and equipment was directed at making them safe and establishing the extent of damage (emptying of the acid baths, galvanising bath and reagent tanks, isolation of plants and restoration of storm water purification facilities).
The new design envisaged a completely new layout, to provide a safer and healthier working environment, and a more efficient production process from the technological, environmental and management points of view.
The project provided for the grouping and optimisation of buildings, with linked production areas to reduce material movements.
The purpose of the Buildings Restoration Project presentation was to secure building permission from the San Felice S. Panaro authorities. It was segmented as follows, according to the nature of the work involved:
- Buildings to be retained as they stood, their damage not indicating a need for seismic upgrading;
- Buildings that were structurally adapted and able to remain in their original positions;
- Buildings to be demolished and rebuilt in the same locations to meet the new production facilities;
- Buildings with significant damage, to be demolished and rebuilt elsewhere.
Main features:
- Yard areas of 74,000 sq m approx. (materials storage and handling zones, storm water basin and waste treatment plant, reactive chemicals storage);
- Usable area at the time of the earthquake 16,655 sq m;
- Usable area after restoration work: 17,126 sq m.
Designer and Project Manager: C&G Engineering Service S.r.l.


Arkimonia S.r.l. - Acque Vicentine S.p.A.

Location: Via dell’Industria, Vicenza (VI)
Type of project: Conversion of industrial sheds
Main characteristics: Conversion of industrial sheds into buildings for business, commercial and industrial use
Designer and Project Manager: Arch. MAURO ZANON

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