Zincol Italia S.p.A. - Verona

Work to put systems out of service and the relevant work on existing foundations, refurbishment of roofing, drains secured and cleaned.

Zincol Italia S.p.A. - Barbarano Vicentino (VI)

- Construction of storm water containment tank.
- Work to finish existing yards.
- Static and seismic upgrading and maintenance of shed.

Zamperla S.p.A. – Altavilla Vicentina (VI)

- Development of fire-fighting water hydrant system.
- Construction of rainwater drainage system – storm water system.
- Refurbishing of outdoor area and removal of underground tanks.
- Repairs to asphalt in existing yards.

Sgambaro S.p.A. - Castello di Godego (TV)

Upgrading of interior rooms of works, removal of false ceilings guaranteeing continuity of production – operation performed in restricted access area.

Satef HA Italia S.p.A. - Vicenza

Integration of works’ technological systems: sewage, industrial water and cooling water.

Sanimet S.p.A. – Flero (BS)

- Static and seismic adjustment of two sheds.
- Demolition and refurbishing of foundations to replace dissolving plant.
- Maintenance of roof to repair weather damage.

Saldoplast S.r.l. / Ma.Co.Fer. S.p.A. - Pegognaga (MN)

Extraordinary repairs on zinc-coating acid baths at Ma.Co.Fer. Spa works in Pegognaga (MN).

Acciaierie Valbruna S.P.A. – Vicenza

- Demolition and refurbishing of foundations to replace cutter at Laminatoio Tau metalworks.
- Foundation work for the installation of a new Kieserling line control system.
- Construction of perfectly level reinforced floor for the installation of Bonfanti automated warehouse.
- Extraordinary repairs to carriage rails in Stopa Warehouse.

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